Crib on the World wide category, dedicated to the Neapolitan Nativity scene. All Cribs handmade Neapolitan are made by hand and handled in every detail. The World cheat sheets you can also find figurines that represent characters that are part of the traditional Neapolitan crib: Baby Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph, and a statue of King Magi, the ox and the donkey. Figurines can be static or in motion. See all our offers in the list, select a Neapolitan Nativity scene that you are looking for. Each product is full of details, images and links to online purchases. On you can buy the Neapolitan crib, or one of the other Cribs full present in our online catalogue from the comfort of home using credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer or cash on delivery. Delivery is carried out within a few hours, and delivered within 24/72 hours after delivery.

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