Production and marketing of products for Christmas and accessories.

World Crib, was born in 2007, in a country low of Brescia, the company is the result of a strong passion and ability to Crib, which has always distinguished the owner Stefano Braids that, from a small reality in the province, he guesses, as you will be able to give everyone an opportunity to appreciate his works and those of masters, with which it cooperates.

In 2009 launched an official website which today has a range of over 6000 products: accessories for Cots, Cribs, Statues, Cribs and more, like electronic effects and motion.

In 2013, given the success set, of articles for Cots, Stefano decided to attract public attention even to the fact that, until shortly before, had been booked a few enthusiasts, as he Statues to implement Christmas of Easter, also called Easter Diorama, with all the way of the cross and the life of Jesus.

The success of this company, as evidenced by the appreciation of the regular customers, a lot of positive feedback on ebay and feedback; why it is that distinguishes our work, passion and dedication for this art, it is a direct relationship with the customer, severity, assistance before and after purchase, and tips that Stefan is always ready to provide.

Today, the World Crib is a leading company in the industry, at both national and international, in addition to a wide range of products in the catalog, is different each year new products and ideas to create works are always original and attention to detail.

World Crib Braids Stephen

Next Wigan 5

25024 Leno - (Brescia)

P. iva 02896120983


Phone: 3408501190



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