Payment methods

Paypal and credit cards

This is the payment method safe and reliable, easy to use. If you have a Paypal account the transaction is carried out using a current Paypal account, otherwise it is enough to have any Bank card, even with a Deposit and fill in the richedit. You can pay with any credit card.
The transaction is immediate and the payment is immediately visible to the recipient.


Bank Transfer

The data for the transfer are:

The order will be processed upon receipt of payment (the average Bank remittance is credited within 2-3 working days)


Charging PostePay

By selecting this payment system, you begin to charge the Postepay supplier the amount corresponding to the total order value.

For charging you can contact any post office or Lottomatica point.
The order will be processed upon receipt of payment.
If you want to pay using Postepay own, choose Paypal payment method.



Payment is made to the courier upon delivery of the material. There will be an additional fee and 4 € for the full amount of the order of the Commission.