Natalino talking Led + kIt - KN4P
Natalino talking Led + kIt - KN4P

Natalino talking Led + kIt - KN4P

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Fading dawn, day, sunset, night
Stars fade with shimmer
Lights houses
Led fire
Soundtrack with adjustable volume and audio jack
Effect lightning and thunder (with the possibility to exclude it if it is unwanted)
Cycle time adjustable


Power supply external power supply unit 230 Vac / 12V 5A
Power output sockets DC Ø 2.5 mm
Outputs effects took DC Ø 2.1 mm
Audio output-audio jack 3.5 mm
Audio power 1 Watt
Cycle time adjustable from 1 to 10 minutes
Supplied to the control unit:

Power supply 230vAC/12V
"SYL" socket 220Vac to effect synchronized
"MAXIFO" kit 50-star fiber optic
4 Microproiettori sun, sunrise, sunshine, sunset, quarter moon, star or comet
1 LED fire
1 set of 20 NANOLED WARM WHITE Ø 3 mm for light houses

It is a service set up to overcome the phase of choice of various stripes. As provided, this kit is sufficient to illuminate a Crib of about 5/6 meters. Well, obviously you can then add any accessory or strip that you deem necessary or worthwhile improvement.

The KIT Strips includes:

1 LED strip cold white for the day WSBI60 (to be placed on the ceiling)
1 LED strip warm white for the day WSBC60 (to be placed on the ceiling)
1 strip of blue LED fixed PSBL60 (to be placed on the ceiling, oriented toward the sky)
1 LED strip yellow for sunrise PSG30 (to be placed at the base behind the mountains dawn side)
1 LED strip green for dawn PSV30 (to be placed at the base behind the mountains dawn side)
1 strip orange LED for sunset PSAR30 (positioned at the ceiling or at the base behind the mountains, oriented towards the sky)
1 LED strip red for sunset PSR15 (to be placed at the base behind the mountains side sunset)
1 LED strip cold white PSBI30 (due to lightning)
For the connection of multiple accessories to the same outputs, can be purchased extension cords double "PRL2.1" (for the DC outputs 2.1 mm) and "PRL2.5" (for the DC outputs 2.5 mm).

Natalino dictionary is the most comprehensive unit that you could conceive. Sounds, lights and effects in a single device SIMPLE, INEXPENSIVE, and SAFE.

The main innovation is the removal of the 220V for absolute safety. The fades of the different phases are all LED. Can be used LED strips 12V or LED spotlight (cod. L4W - L7W; not supplied) up to a maximum amp draw of 5A. The usable power, in practice, may develop light equal to or more than 500W of the previous model. Taking effects day 220V has been eliminated; you will be provided a socket SYL suitable to feed loads 230V in synchronism with the phase. In case you are in need of 230V ac in the other phases, it will be possible to buy separately the other devices, SYL and link them in other phases.

Dynamic adjustment of the duration of the cycle from one minute to ten minutes. new sound system, in stereo and with a socket of an external amplifier; the audio system will recognize automamente the duration of the phase and is programmed accordingly. The outputs dedicated to the stars and the lights in houses were doubled and will be possible expansions to the use of several accessories.

The addition of a new phase, "temporal" with the DC socket, for connecting the led strip or spotlight, to effect the burst, and the relative noise of the thunder out of sync. This phase, if not necessary, can be excluded.

Giorno e notte per strisce a led
Kit completi di illuminazione e accessori